“Aliki is a rare combination for a coach. She is extremely strong intellectually and logically, and so can parse apart complex issues into their core essential components so we can progress in a business-like manner. And yet, her deep passion and intuition are absolutely unsurpassed. It is very difficult to label Aliki as more of a “head-y” coach or more of a “heart-y” coach… who almost effortlessly helps thousands to fundamentally transform their lives and move away from a place of limitation, stagnancy, or pain, over toward a place of light, growth, authenticity, and ever-expanding joy.”

Jay Bennett, CEO

“I want to thank Aliki … who helped me reach incredible levels of personal growth over the last three years. By giving me tools to be more elastic and resilient in the face of these stressful or scream situations… they seemed normal a short while later. I am going out of my comfort zone again, doing something I never have done before… Being part of an impatient, mission-driven, movement company in the framework disruption business has always stretched me and required of me that I adapt, evolve, and push forward.”

Joey Neugart, General Counsel and Chief of Staff

“Working with Aliki was an eye-opening experience… Although, the experience was extremely emotional; I was beside myself with the results… I highly recommend, Aliki. She is loving, compassionate, and true professional”

Veronica L. Taylor, Leadership & Life Management Coach

“Your keen observations and insightful questions have been the key to allowing me to become so much more aware and understanding of what is possible and available — you are an exceptional coach and teacher!!! Your help has been invaluable to me and I continue to be amazed at your talents and understanding.”

Shuman Moore, CEO

“I was at a crossroad in life and was not sure about what direction to take. … The … assessment offered a very powerful framework to interpret some patterns of my behavior. What was more interesting though, was Aliki’s ability to tell it to me straight and make me see how I had broken the contract with myself about my intended purpose. Thanks to the work we did together I explored my passions and my abilities and was able to find a new project that is much more aligned with them. I went from a state of confusion and fatigue to a state of joy and energy, which felt and feels great!”

Francesco Mosconi, CEO and Chief Data Scientist

“… helped me beyond words with tapping into creativity in writing, methods for positive thinking, and lowering stress levels through meditation. Thank you, thank you….a TOTALLY different and playful experience.”

Alison Berman, Digital Producer (Writer, Producer, Host)

“I was so impressed with your depth of understanding and your savvy navigation of those areas with me. It felt like an artful balance of NLP, shamanic and quantum factors that felt exactly right for and to me. A masterful demonstration of elegance. Thank you so much!”

Troy Rampy, CEO

Aliki is one of the most passionate and caring people I have met, and has such a gift in helping others realize their potential, including me.Thanks so much for an awesome new tool! Really enjoyed it, and will commit to practicing.”

Venilde Jeronimo, Impact & Development Consultant

“I want … tell you how grateful I am with destiny. Your exercises, patience and understanding brought back the self-confidence I had hidden away. I feel like a new person. I feel empowered. I’m excited to continue to this life and work journey with my own charms. Thank you!”

Claudia Monroy-Wu, Entrepreneur

“..thank you not just for helping to deliver an exceptional experience for all of us, but for continuing to be such a positive and supportive source of encouragement and self improvement. You are an endless well of giving and I think we all feel cared for as a result of you being you.”

Feedback from various workshops

“I enjoyed your presentation and seeing a genius at work at (Company). “

“Your talk was terrific and the women really enjoyed and got a lot of learning from it.”

“Your input will help us immensely” Leadership Program Design

“Has a positive outlook and approach that has an effect on people… Great presenter!… A great teacher… Great personality deeply connecting with people”

Feedback from various workshops

“You have the ability to coach without leading me to an answer… allowing me the space to get to my own answer in due time. You are authentic and true in your coaching style and it shows through all that you do. You are empathic but never get in the box with me… which is very hard to do. All and all it was an outstanding experience for me. I was able to meet all of my initial goals and even exceeded my own expectations.”

Feedback from various workshops

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