Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Q. What makes this personality assessment different from other ones on the market and how would I benefit from taking it?

A. The Genius Blueprint assessment is a practical and heart centered way to prepare yourself for the future. Through the unique approach laid out in The Genius Activator Workbook, you will identify your natural talents and what puts you in your flow, which you can use to redefine the way you experience work. Rather than executing routine tasks, you will be able to address unseen problems and opportunities by cultivating and using your human capabilities.

Q. There is a lot of information and assessments available for free. What is the benefit in purchasing this one?

A. It is true that there are many free resources available online and many of them are valuable. However, this one of the only assessments that leverages your natural strengths and what puts you in your flow to upgrade your mindset and how you operate in the world.

There are numerous benefits to understanding your natural talents and flow. However, the true transformation comes from being able to apply this information to your life.

The Genius Activator Workbook is a way to experience some of the benefits of exclusive coaching at a more accessible cost and was developed from over two decades of experience recruiting, coaching, and managing top talent at start-ups and larger companies in Silicon Valley. It provides step by step guidance, so you can take what you learn from the assessment and translate it into action to improve your self-confidence, increase your productivity and enjoyment at work, and expand your professional opportunities.

Q. Is there any science to support that upgrading your mindset can increase productivity, flow, and satisfaction in the work environment?

Multiple universities and organizations have conducted extensive research on mindset. Many of the findings have suggested that people who are focused on growth, problem solving, and self improvement are more likely to be successful.

For instance, a paper presented at the European Coaching Psychology Conference found the most important factor for increasing productivity and creativity within an organization was realizing the full potential of the employees, regardless of the industry. The most effective way to do this was to create a company culture that promotes self-awareness and emotional well-being. (1)

Additionally, a meta-analysis conducted by the University of Birmingham School of Psychology found that when teams are put together based on the personality traits of the individuals, there was a significant increase in the level of trust, cooperation, and ability to achieve goals. (2)

The Genius Blueprint Assessment identifies the individual characteristics that put you in your natural flow. It also increases self-awareness around your current thinking and how you relate to others. The Genius Activator Workbook offers a way to upgrade your mindset to increase your sense of well-being and ability to contribute to your team.