Meet our Founder

Our mission is to make Genius possible for people, teams, and organizations.

~ Aliki Helman

Aliki Helman

Aliki Helman is a global speaker and high performance and creativity expert who helps executives to activate the Genius within them for a quantum leap in capacity, creativity, inspiration and success. As an Executive Coach/HR Leader with 20+ years of experience building successful technology startups with 80% of successful acquisitions, Aliki observed patterns showing how extraordinary leaders, professionals and organizations think and how they get in the flow to achieve the impossible. She codified what she learned into strategies of awakening unique Genius in individuals and on teams into the Genius methodology for high performance.


M.S. in Education and Chemistry from Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg, Russia, Certified Professional Coach & Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership MP-ELI by institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Senior Human Resource Professional by HR Certification Institute, Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Association for Integrative Psychology, and trained in Energetic Neuro Linguistic Programming.

At Singularity University, Aliki worked with the trailblazers and futurists passionate about emerging technologies and saw that to create truly novel products and services, the innovation starts within the people first.  Through keynote presentations, executive, leadership and team training and coaching she guides to activate their unique genius and expand their mindset to open a different paradigm of what is possible. Her method initiates futuristic thinking and practical ways to create this outcome.

Aliki has helped grow global social impact companies, including Singularity University, and Kiva, as well life sciences start up companies that were acquired by Johnson & Johnson, Zoetis, Intuitive Surgical and Gore.

She has presented at global summits, conferences, and Singularity, Stanford and Santa Clara Universities on Activating Genius Blueprint, Inner Exponential Technologies, Exponential Organizations and more. Whether you aspire for a quantum leap in innovation, a new way of leadership for the unpredictable and different post pandemic reality, activating your Genius, Aliki will help to awaken new possibilities, a different way of thinking and invite all of you to create a different future, the one you want. You can invite Aliki to speak at your conference, your company, for your team or/and explore how executive, leadership and team training and coaching can unleash creativity in your organization. 

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